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Adorno is an international collaboration between curators, designers and makers.

The curators of Adorno are recognised experts in their local design communities. They might be critics, curators, art historians or designers themselves, but whatever their professional discipline, they have an exceptional understanding of their surrounding design scene and are widely respected for playing an active role in its development.

Whether well established or emerging talents, the designers of Adorno are independent designers or small design studios who are celebrated for the creativity of their thinking and the excellence of their work. Their products and processes may vary enormously, but they are united by the forward-thinking, experimental approach they bring to their chosen discipline.

Adorno’s makers are artisanal workshops and specialised manufacturers with unique craft skills and technical proficiencies. Their knowledge, expertise and passion is essential to the creation of the pieces exhibited by Adorno.


Adorno presents “Crossovers” at London Design Fair 2019. The exhibition will present dynamic works by independent designers working in the intersection of design, art, and crafts from a selection of local design scenes celebrating the designers and communities playing a vital role in maintaining and renewing today’s design and crafts culture.

The show will highlight the aesthetic traits and beauty of each scene, facilitating a cross-cultural dialogue – a dialogue that takes its departure from design, but evolves to further cultural and societal issues.

The exhibition is organised with leading design curators from each of the design scenes and will showcase unique collections presenting the trends and styles of the different local design scenes, reflecting the current state of today’s local design and crafts cultures. The central focus is placed on the artist, working in the intersection between art, design and craft. These artists are vital in defining the individual scenes; developing a new design language while maintaining and reinterpreting historic traditions in a combination of old and new techniques.


London Design Fair

September 19-22

Old Truman Brewery, Floor 3, H14

91 Brick Lane, Shoreditch

London E1 6QR

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