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”IT WAS REALLY QUITE SIMPLE. I made a chair for my daughter Beatrix a few years ago. Now I wanted my son Björn to have one too. I came up with the idea to portray him in a winter overall while dressing him in it one morning before heading for daycare.
I like to work with those golden everyday moments. It even has a zipper in the back like an overall so you can easily change the upholstery. I wanted to portray Björn – it actually looks quite like him!


I wanted a chair that is comfortable to sit in.

Furniture and bodies, they´re quite similar. A clothed body – a warm embrace to sit down in.

It’s really an easy chair designed to invite to relaxation, reading a book – something I am myself very bad at doing…”

BJÖRN by Anna Kraitz

Easy Chair. Moulded seat and back, legs and armrests in solid oak. Fabric or leather.

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