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Pattern design on cotton fabric  - Farsta 50 år


In preparation for Farsta Centrum´s 50th anniversary, the designer Anna Kraitz has created a fabric inspired by the facades of Farsta Centrum.

While working on this, Anna discovered that herself has strong bond to this suburb. It happened that her parents, mother from Stockholm and father a refugee from Hungary, met here in 1960.


The fabric "Farsta Centrum - 50 years in the suburb" displays the architectonic lines of the very familiar wooden fasades which also suggest thoughts back to the People´s Home of the 1960s and older rag carpets. The round lamps cosily light up Farsta Centrum like small hopeful suns in the concrete.

Cushions made of this fabric will only be on sale for a limited period. All profits was donated in full to UNICEF.

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