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12 OCTOBER 2019 - 01 MARCH 2020

The collections at the Museum of Furniture Studies currently showcase more than three hundred designers, both Nordic and international. Sixty of them are women, which means that just 20% of the collections’ objects are designed by female designers. This is disappointing, but is sadly representative of reality, both past and present.

In an article in the periodical Arkitektur (2/2019), design journalist Ingrid Sommar writes about male dominance at this year’s Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. She describes how only furniture designed by men featured at many of the largest manufacturers’ stands, despite Sweden having more trained female furniture designers than male ones. Statistics tell much the same story: 76% of Sweden’s professionally active furniture designers are men. The article urges the industry to undergo self-reflection


With the exhibition FEMALE TRACES, the Museum of Furniture Studies wants to highlight women as creators of some of the most recognizable objects in the world of furniture, both past and present. Through this exhibition, we seek to showcase the creativity, mastery and strength that have been and are to be found among female designers. Some have become lustrous stars in the international design scene.

Others have chosen to work in inclusive design, which can make the difference for differently abled users. In addition, there are examples of works in which advanced craftsmanship is the key element, or in which up cycling has given the product a distinctive value and meaning.



The museum houses over 600 design furnitures that are always on display in the archive. In the gallery we host various specialist exhibitions that address issues relating to the contents of the collection – focusing on a particular material or technique, or a selected era, or a special exhibition on the work and creative process of a particular designer. We regularly provide seminars and workshops offering opportunities to define and discuss quality and aesthetics from various angles.

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