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Anna Kraitz was one of the lecturers on the Vandal Academy 2014


Formation and Paradox

The 2014 Vandal Academy program is a partnership between Vandalorum and Linnaeus University that aims at strengthening the exchanges between artistic and scientific forms of knowledge. This year's theme, Formation and Paradox, focuses on professionalism , creativity, practice, and artistic research.


The enlightenment philosopher Denis Diderot is a portal figure throughout the program. Diderot's epistemological paradox is viewed as a crucial element in the development of professional skills . He formulated several provocative questions about the arts and sciences and their interactive role in broadening the outlook of any project. Diderot was convinced that dialogue is a fundamental medium for reflection on the phenomenon of tacit knowledge and the value of art, ultimately allowing us to grasp the characteristics of silent and embodied knowledge.


The program is focused on meetings and dialogues between different perspectives, experiences and case studies around open issues relating to the complexity and paradoxical nature of professional creativity. The project brings together participants from different professions and disciplines,

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